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Professional Investigators International

Pii and our investigators provide cost-effective, high quality investigative services to law firms, insurance companies, corporations, businesses & private citizens.

We are a results-oriented Agency, committed to providing you quick responses and timely, accurate results. Pii investigators are a well-trained, experienced, multi-disciplinary Team applying their skills as investigators for the benefit of corporate entities and individual citizens around the world.

Pii has over 200,000 hours of experience.

“Our contract guarantees us the independence to conduct an impartial and professional investigation. Our primary obligation is to the truth.”
- Bob Davis
Principal/Lead Investigator

Case Updates

Interested in a particular case that we are working to resolve? Find updates here. Case updates, when available, are password protected.

Qualified Investigators

With tens of thousands of investigative hours, our multi-displicinary team offers very specialized skills to resolve any case.

International Services

Our services span the globe. We truly seek to better the lives of those around us. We want to help those in need of assistance wherever they might be.

Ongoing Support

We are dedicated to offer you the finest services with support and updates on which to rely. Please click here to contact us with any questions.

Some of our Services

  • Witness Interviews
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Risk Management
  • Fact-Finding

Why you need Professional Investigators International

There are hundreds of reasons to hire a professional investigative firm -- from investigating suspected business or insurance fraud, and asset search, to locating missing persons. Our Team is accurate and discreet, dedicated to the complete truth.

Many people think that an investigative firm only specializes in investigations that are outside the jurisdiction of the law enforcement community, but in reality we offer a wide range of services to attorneys, businesses and the general public. We have the tools, knowledge, and integrity to handle the most complex and sensitive tasks.

It always pays to hire a professionally licensed investigator firm before there is a problem. We always provide a free confidential, no obligation consultation by telephone or e-mail.

Upon retention, we always provide a high levels of quality, expertise and integrity in rendering the service...uncovering the truth regardless of who it benefits.